spring exhibition

History Captured: American Saddlebreds through the Photographer’s Lens

The American Saddlebred Museum’s Spring Exhibit is a captivating exploration of the American Saddlebred as seen through the eyes of renowned photographers from 1895 to the present day. This exhibition unveils a mesmerizing tapestry of images that transcend time, offering a window into the soul and spirit of these majestic creatures.

Photography today permeates our culture. With the advent of the smartphone camera, it has never been easier to take and share photographs—a fact that most people take for granted. However, this was not always the case.

The American Saddlebred Museum possesses a collection of over 2,700 photographs, a number that is continually growing. Selecting photographs to adequately express the history of the breed is no small task, but once accomplished patterns emerge from the images. For example, the collection includes many victory pass images as well as trophy presentation images—key horse show moments for the riders and horses themselves. However, show ring photography only tells part of the American Saddlebred experience. Just as essential in telling the horse and human relationship story are images from homes, barns, pastures, and behind the scenes photographs from horse shows.

The American Saddlebred Museum is pleased to present this small sampling of images from 1895 to 2023, representing the best images in the collection, by the finest photographers of the day. All of the photographers in the exhibition are professionals whom made a living taking photographs of American Saddlebreds as well as other breeds. Enjoy getting to know the images, photographers, and horses that make the AmericanSaddlebred experience wonderful.

This is exhibit is made possible by Delta Dental of Kentucky.

Now on view.