about us

A museum dedicated to the American Saddlebred

Welcome to the American Saddlebred Museum, where history comes to life and the beauty of the American Saddlebred is on full display. Nestled on the stunning grounds of the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky, our Museum offers an exciting and educational experience for visitors of all ages.

Founded in 1962 on the sprawling grounds of Spindletop Farm in Lexington, the American Saddlebred Museum was born from a shared love of the breed and a deep respect for its history and culture. The Museum outgrew its humble beginnings and relocated to Louisville for a time, before building and relocating to our current building. We completed an expansion in 2010 and a full renovation in 2022, both of which have allowed us to better serve our visitors and share our love for the American Saddlebred. We're excited to welcome you to our updated and improved facility!

Step inside and embark on a journey through time, as you discover the crucial role the American Saddlebred played in our nation's history and how it has evolved into the elegant, athletic, and versatile breed we know and love today. Our museum features a range of interactive permanent exhibits, a children's area, virtual reality exhibit, and a captivating movie that brings the world of the American Saddlebred to life.

Experience the thrill of our special exhibitions, which change seasonally, and explore our smaller, "spotlight exhibits," which showcase unique aspects of the breed's history and culture. Our Museum boasts the largest collection of Saddlebred artifacts in the world, including trophies, photographs, tack, and artwork, with one of the most extensive collections of George Ford Morris Saddlebred artwork.

Our research library is a treasure trove for breed enthusiasts, with over 5,000 volumes available for bloodline and genealogical research. And while we serve as a hub and resource for the Saddlebred industry, we also welcome tens of thousands of visitors each year who are eager to learn about the beauty, versatility, and history of the American Saddlebred horse.

Come visit the American Saddlebred Museum and immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of this iconic breed. We can't wait to show you what makes the American Saddlebred so special!

mission statement

The American Saddlebred Museum preserves the traditions and promotes the heritage of our beautiful athletic horses, through active engagement of the general public and equine community by expanding interest and appeal in our breed.

VISION statement

The American Saddlebred Museum is the destination for everyone to experience history through the journey, past to present, of the horse America made—the American Saddlebred.