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saddlebred memories or stories

Do you remember?

Too often, we donÔÇÖt realize when we are watching history in the making. This is why it is so important to record, collect and preserve these great moments. Donations to the Museum help do just that! As part of the 2015 Capital Campaign, weÔÇÖve asked donors who have graciously given $250 or more to share some of their favorite Saddlebred memories.
One year at Louisville there was a two horse workout in the five-gaited pleasure class. One horse came to the walk just coming out of a turn and I thought, ÔÇ£oh no, you should go on and make that pass.ÔÇØ The horse and rider proceeded to make a beautiful, deliberate walk ÔÇô head high and proud with an attitude that said, ÔÇ£trot, rack or walk ÔÇô I can do it all perfectly!ÔÇØ This was the moment I fully understood the difference between a good versus a great pleasure horse. Thank you CHMoses!
-Amy Dix Rock
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