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Honor Your Loved One in the American Saddlebred Museum

The American Saddlebred Museum invites everyone to consider honoring a horse, person or organization at the Museum. There are several programs available. The upcoming deadline to be included in the 2022 installation is March 31.

Executive Director, Jennifer Foster says, “Having a familiar name at the Museum, either outside on the Walk of Honor Tile, Saddlebred Sidewalk Brick, or inside the History Wing on the Roll of Honor is special. Visitors love reading the names—it’s a special part of Saddlebred History.” If you have been thinking about purchasing a tribute, now is a great time to do so! Contact the Museum at (859) 259-2746 or [email protected] to make a purchase or ask questions.

Roll of Honor names are placed around the top of the Museum’s History Wing. This is a special way a person, horse, or organization is honored in perpetuity inside the Museum. The cost for each name is $1,500.

A Walk of Honor Tile is a great way to honor a person for their efforts or dedication to the American Saddlebred. Owners, trainers, on anyone who has a passion for the American Saddlebred can be recognized in the walkway. Tiles can be acquired for $250 each.

The Saddlebred Sidewalk is permanent tribute to those horses that have earned our love, affection and respect. Champions, lesson horses, or backyard companions are welcome in this line up of beloved animals—there are no eligibility requirements. Saddlebred Sidewalk Bricks are available for $100 each; add a “keeper" brick for $50 each.

The Roll of Honor, Walk of Honor and Saddlebred Sidewalk are ongoing fundraisers in support of the Museum. For more information go to the Museum’s website: Roll of Honor and Bricks & Tiles.

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