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Equine Art, Antique & Rare Book Auction

Unbridled Spirit bronze horse head by Sally Jackson 2019 Art Auction Lot 61: Unbridled Spirit bronze by Sally Jackson

The American Saddlebred Museum's biennial Art, Antique, and Rare Book Auction has earned its reputation as a venue at which a variety of serious equine artwork, antiques, collectibles, rare books, and historic artifacts can be purchased. Artwork in all media is considered and work includes oils, watercolors, pastels, charcoals, bronze sculptures, vintage posters, lithographs, and stained glass. The focus of the auction is particularly Saddlebred items, but coaching, Thoroughbred, Standardbred, draft horse, Hackney, and Morgan artwork are included. The auction draws and specializes in works by George Ford Morris, and has expanded to include any sporting subject by Morris.

In addition to paintings, lithographs, and charcoal works by George Ford Morris, other artists represented in the 2021 auction included Carlos Arriola, Peter Barrett, Douwe Blumberg, Edwin Bogucki, John Charleston, Anne Crawford, Diamro, Gladys Brown Edwards, Helen Hayse, Sheila Johnson, Dawn Klein, Max F. Klepper, Hooshang Khorasani, Edward Penfield, Jessie Pettie, Frank Whitney and others.

If you would like more information about the auction, would like to be placed on the auction catalog mailing list, or consign a piece in a future auction, please email [email protected].

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