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Sport and Hackney Pony

B.P. ÔÇ£PeterÔÇØ Giba King


Wood Sculptures.   KingÔÇÖs Sport measures 11.25ÔÇØ T x 10.25ÔÇØ W.  Hackney measures 8.25ÔÇØ T x 7ÔÇØ W. Two early 20th century carvings by noted folk artist Peter Giba, whose works are closely held by collectors and do not often become available.  The piece labeled KingÔÇÖs Sport is an incredibly detailed carving of Woolworth heiress Miss Clara S. PeckÔÇÖs successful breeding stallion.  Acknowledged to be one of the most beautiful stallions of his day, his image was used by ASHA for many years to portray the ideal Saddlebred.  The second piece, labeled H.P., is a well-executed carving and almost lifelike rendering of a masterful Hackney pony.  A rare offering of the work of one of the nationÔÇÖs most respected animal sculptors of his day.

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