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Greyhound - World's Champion Trotter

Reinhold H. Palenske


Etching. Signed in Plate and By Hand. c. 1940s. 9.5ÔÇØ T x 7.5ÔÇØ W. Born in 1932, Greyhound was the outstanding trotting horse of his day and arguably the most outstanding in the history of the sport. Nicknamed "The Great Grey Ghost" and "Silver-Skinned Flyer," in 1935 he won the Hambletonian and in 1938 he lowered the record time for trotting a mile to 1:55┬╝, a record that stood until 1969. As he aged, his coat whitened, and his owners painted his hooves red and draped garlands of roses over his back, a color combination that became iconic of the horse. Greyhound was honored as Horse of the Century after his death.

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