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Dodge Stables Memorabilia



Set of 2 Silver Chalices and Photograph of the 1954 Dodge Stables Show String Trophies are Sterling and include a1954 Ohio State Fair Columbus Dispatch chalice for the Juvenile Three-Gaited Stake won by worldÔÇÖs champion Sparkling Delight, Judy Johnson up, and a 1957 Illinois State Fair chalice donated by Governor William G. Stratton for the Juvenile Five-Gaited class won by multiple worldÔÇÖs champion Socko and Judy Johnson . Photograph was taken in front of the show barn and is 16ÔÇØ T x 22ÔÇØ W. Horses pictured are from L to R, WGC CHWing Commander, WC CHMy Showboat, WGC CHBlue Meadow Princess, SC CHLoverÔÇÖs Lane, WC Moon Glitter, WGC CHDream Waltz, WC Sparkling Delight (Judy Johnson at the lead), WC CHSocko and Sparking Cardinal. Truly a portrait of Saddlebred history.

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