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Denmark Stallion

George Ford Morris (American, 1873 – 1960)


Original Charcoal and Oil on Board.  Signed and Dated 1950.  15.5” T x 19.5” W.  This piece, and the interesting story behind its creation, is featured on pages 254 and 257 of Portraitures of Horses.  The extraordinary drawing reflects the artist’s personal ideal of a Denmark type of Saddle stallion.  According to Morris, this stallion‘s character and type would indicate Chester Dare blood in his pedigree.  Though Morris describes the stallion’s color as black, his judicious use of light and dark casts a golden glow on the horse, as if he were standing under a full moon.  A rare chance to own a piece not only from the artist’s personal collection, but one that was also a personal favorite of his.

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