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Capewell Horse Shoe Nail

Vintage Advertising Poster


Lithograph.  From an oil painting by Gean Smith.  Dated 1902 and Titled “A Whirlwind Quarter.  ” 24.5” T x 18.75” W.  On the left is “The Abbot”, driven by his trainer Ed F. Geers, record 2:03 ¼. On the right is “Cresceus”, driven by his owner George H. Ketchum, record 2:02 1/4. The image was used on several calendars and depicts the great race for $12,000 between Cresceus and The Abbot at Brighton Beach on August 15, 1901. Both horses were shod with Capewell nails. Established in 1881 in Hartford, CT, Capewell was at one time the largest manufacturer and premier brand of horse shoe nails.

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